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Learn everything you need to know to start your career as a Professional Baby Nurse. Prepare for a life of travel, meeting new people, and flexible work schedules. This training will give you the knowledge in all areas of primary newborn care to understand the importance of feeding and sleep schedules to provide exemplary care to families during the postpartum phase. If you are already working with infants or older children, but want to learn specialized techniques, on newborn care, sleep issues, and how to effectively work with new mothers then this is the training we provide. Experienced Baby Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals created this course.
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Who should take this course?

  • To become a Certified Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse), you basically need to possess an unconditional love for babies. Some typical backgrounds of those working in this profession include; Babysitters, Nannies, LPN’s, RN’s, CNA’s, EMT’s, Daycare Providers, Preschool Teachers, and individuals with Child Development backgrounds.

What's Included

  • Online Training

    Newborn care is a unique and valuable career. Our online training will set you apart by giving you the skills you need to become an expert in the industry.

  • Course Access

    Students will be given up to 30 days to complete this course, which can be accessed 24/7 from any internet connected computer, tablet, mobile device, and location.

  • Certification

    Over 40 Hours of training, 90 videos, audio narration, and quizzes. Students will receive a certificate of completion upon successfully completing this course.

What is a Baby Nurse?

(aka Newborn Care Specialist)

A Baby Nurse (also known as a Newborn Care Specialist) is a non-medical expert who is trained and highly skilled in all areas of infant care and parental education. They extend their service right after mom delivers the baby and they work with families in their home for a few weeks or months, depending on the family’s preferences; assisting the parents to be familiar with numerous tasks in taking care of their newborn and guiding them in dealing with challenges with their new baby.
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What is a Baby Nurse?

What You’ll Learn

Course Curriculum

Bonus Material

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  • Training Manual

    Receive a 190 Page Newborn Care Specialist Training Manual. Available for immediate download with the purchase of this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I take this course will I be able to get a job?

    Having previous work experience in infant care is necessary to be considered for employment as a Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse).

  • Can I use my new certification to find a job?

    Most Agencies require certification for Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse) job placements.

  • I already have experience in infant care why do I need to take this course?

    This course sharpens skills you may already have in childcare and allows you to become the professional families are looking to hire.

  • Is there a minimum and maximum age for a Newborn Care Specialist.

    A Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse) can start her career as young as 25-years old and continue well into 70+.

  • Can I sign up to become a Newborn Care Specialist with your Agency?

    Ellie Blu Agency considers all potential candidate applications and will determine on a case by case basis.

  • How can I gain experience to become a Newborn Care Specialist?

    There are many ways to gain experience; you can volunteer at the hospital nursery, work/volunteer at a daycare center, and work as a babysitter or nanny.

  • Can I transfer earned credit hours to another institution?

    The acceptance of credit hours you earn at EBI is at the complete discretion of the institution you may seek to transfer to.

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